About Sustainable Training

The Sustainable Training Method connects a global community of coaches and clients who share a passion for sustainable health.  Every member of our community is an individual who has their own story, purpose, vision and goals to share. With the 5-Pillars of Sustainable Health we help clients find their unique path to success and happiness  

Modern technology allows us to connect coaches with a wide variety of strengths, skills and knowledge to the needs of our clients all over the world.  Sustainable coaches come from diverse backgrounds with a large variety of expertise including calisthenics, gymnastics, Olympic lifting, mobility, powerlifting, strength training, strength and conditioning, sport specific training, health coaching and so much more. 

Our five pillars of Sustainable Health encapsulate a lifestyle that goes beyond physical training: 

  • Sustainable Diet

  • Sustainable Sleep & Recovery

  • Sustainable Training

  • Sustainable Stress Management

  • Sustainable Community


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Our clients have the ability to work with multiple coaches to develop their unique and goal-specific sustainable health plan to optimise their performance, health and longevity. What does that look like for you? Watching your grandchildren grow up? Achieving a new personal record in the gym? Just feeling as good as you possibly can each day?

TSTMethod can help with:

  • Bodyweight Training/Calisthenics /Gymnastics

  • Olympic Lifting

  • Power Lifting

  • Competative Functional Fitness (Team Sustain)

  • Individual Programme Design (ID)

  • Sustainable Training Templates

  • Mobility Coaching (FRC, KINSTRETCH)

  • Strength and Conditioning

•    Health Coaching
•    S.M.A.R.T Vision & Goal Setting
•    Behaviour Change
•    Gut Health/Inflammation
•    Stress & Anxiety
•    Memory/Concentration Issues
•    HPA-Axis Disfunction/Fatigue or lethargy
•    Insomnia/Sleep Issues
•    Hormone balance
•    Low Libido
•    Decreased Performance / Increased Recovery time / Muscle and Joint Pain
•    Diet (Paleo, Low-Histamine, KetoDiet, FODMAP, Autoimmune Diet, and more…)

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