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Anthony Bhagwandeen (@anthony_tstm)

VIA Character Strengths: Honesty, Fairness, Creativity, Forgiveness, & Curiousity
Location: United Kingdom

“I coach clients from diverse fitness backgrounds that have a desire to take their physical potential to the next level without hitting burnout and feeling broken.  These hard-working clients encounter common struggles of hitting strength plateaus, slow recovery, fitness feels like a real grind, niggling injuries just won't go away, and not progressing as quickly as they would expect. How can we pursue fitness without compromising time, effort and health?


By developing a signature programme that offers clients an individual solution to overcome physical and mental barriers and to gain an appreciation of the simple and effective tools that are required to overcoming training plateaus and prevent injuries.

Through a holistic approach that goes beyond just addressing the physical aspects of strength and movement prerequisites. But also their wellbeing, personal life and the challenges that come with it. This allows us to connect better and for me to provide a versatile and balanced programme combining methods such as strength training in and out of a gym environment, mobility work that can be fitted in to suit the athletes schedule and breathe work for recovery and preparation.”

At a young age Anthony started playing professional tennis until his early 20’s. A passion for physical performance inspired a career in personal training with the purpose of exploring and understanding the human body. Anthony has a love of learning and continues to explore various disciplines such as CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, strength training, gymnastics, rock climbing and mobility.

His curiosity for a sustainable training method continues to grow with a deeper appreciation of movement potential and injury prevention. Through years of experience, Anthony has worked closely with his students to increase both mobility and strength training to improve movement quality, energy utilisation, power, speed, skill development and endurance capacity.

Anthony takes pride in seeing his students thrive through his sustainable method of training.


  • Personal Trainer Certification level 3

  • FRC – Functional Range Conditioning - Dr. Andreo Spina

  • FRA – Functional Range Assessment - Dr. Andreo Spina

  • Poliquin PICP levels 1 and 2 – Charles Poliquin

  • Poliquin BioSignature – Charles Poliquin

  • Catalyst Athletics Level 1 Olympic Lifting Coach – Greg Everett

  • CrossFit level 1

  • AIM - Anatomy In Motion levels 1 and 2 - Gary Ward

  • PTR Tennis Coach

Coaches and Mentors:

2014 Ido Portal Online Coaching

2018 - Present: Hunter Fitness KINSTRETCH Online Coaching

Currently Studying:

2019 FRC – KINSTRETCH - Dr. Andreo Spina

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