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VIA Strengths: Humour, Kindness, Love, Social Intelligence, & Teamwork
Location: United Kingdom

“I coach clients who have been suffering from chronic pain and have been avoiding exercise due to fear of making things worse.  Clients come to me with chronic injuries that prevented them from participating in the activities they love, like playing with their kids, going to the gym, playing


competitive sports, taking adventurous holidays or simply getting through a single day without pain. Physio sessions and massage offer temporary relief and surgery can be an expense and risk many clients would prefer not to take.”

I approach training with a sustainable mindset by assessing a client's individual posture and movement capabilities to design training programmes to improve movement function over time. With sustainable training practices, we work together as a partnership to increase strength, mobility, fitness and confidence to improve a clients quality of life.  My clients are not broken, my clients are in need of specialised advice on training, nutrition, health and longevity.Scott’s no stranger to working with busy executives leading hectic lives. His approach applies a minimum dose, maximum response-style of training combining diet guidance to increase energy, boost immune function, improve sleep and keep you at the top of your game. Scott cares about his clients and wants to see their blood markers and risk of risks of heart attacks, cancer and strokes, often associated with a stressful career, minimised through sustainable training methods.

Scott believes the "what" and the "why" are critical to training motivation and progress. He wants to know about what your true goals are and why they are important to you? Scott aims to help you create a bespoke sustainable programme suited to your lifestyle and goals.

So what will you get? A personal training relationship that believes in quality over quantity, smart and effective training, nutrition advice and hacks, stress management and long-term tools that are designed to increase function, reduce pain, decrease unwanted health risks and a hell of a lot more.

If you’re wondering where Scott gets off telling people how to be their healthiest, fittest, most injury-free selves that’s a good question. Scott has found himself here, due to many injuries as a professional athlete and his own health problems. Scott is also a family man himself and appreciates the importance of work-life balance.


• University of Stirling, BSc Sports Science 2008-2012

• OPEX CCP Level 1 (Assessment, Programme Design, Life Coaching, Business Systems) 2016

• British Weightlifting Level 2 Coaching Weight Lifting 2007

• Crossfit Level 1 2013

• Premier Global Personal Trainer 2006

• Premier Global Sports Massage Therapist 2006


2008-2012: Strength and Conditioning Coach Kevin Wright

2013-2014: Crossfit Stretch Rayner

2015-2016: OPEX Matt Springer

Currently Studying:

• BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach- Joel Jamieson

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