Sustainable Training Templates

Looking for a particular training template to help you; learn to handstand, reviv your fitenss, improve your strength and conditioning, get your first pull-up, build gymnastics strength, or simply want a periodised plan to follow?  The TSTMethod templates are an effective way to achive your goals. 



The Corporate Revival Programme

Many busy professionals feel like they don’t have enough time to exercise.  Most of them know they should be exercising, and they know the impacts associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Working in conjunction with a number of functional health practitioners to offer a Corporate Revival Training Programme help busy professionals improve their fitness with short, effective and impactful training protocols.

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The Sustainable Body

The sustainable body is a mix of functional bodybuilding, gymnastics, conditioning and mobility.  This 4-day-per-week training programme designed for busy people who want fast and effective results in the gym.

The Sustainable Body programme is designed to help improve posture, build a solid foundation of strength and conditioning, increase mobility and allow clients to be efficient with their training time.