My health and wellness were at a turning point when I started working with StreTch. I was suffering from low energy levels, sub-optimal sleep, and a few extra kilograms that I wanted to shift. I decided I wanted to make some lasting behaviour changes and decided to invest in health caoching.

I was looking for some direction and guidance to help move me towards my vision of optimal health. I was looking for improvements in energy levels, sleep, body composition and positive mental practices.

StreTch is very considered in his approach and has a lot of first-hand experience as a coach and gym owner; he is someone who is constantly looking to improve his own knowledge to improve his service to others. Together we explored new options and possibilities to move me closer to my ideal health. We found new ways that I could improve my lifestyle and practical changes that had a positive impact on my wellbeing, health and energy.

Working with StreTch I implemented many positive practices in my life that have improved my overall performance. I upgraded my sleep and subsequently, my energy levels. I got my bodyweight down to healthy levels, body fat to 10% on a Dexa scan. I solidified my daily meditation and journal practice. I even managed to scrap all social media accounts.

StreTch also referred me to a Functional Medicine Practitioner who has helped me investigating my blood markers and identifying deficiencies and areas of concern around my future health. Its all abouth the long game.

The main reason I would recommend TSTM is that it will open up possibilities for your health and wellness that you potentially didn’t know you had. TSTM will make you explore new areas of holistic health that can get you moving towards your goals.

Investing in your health always pays dividends. If health, wellness and longevity are area’s you would like to improve in them TSTM is a great choice to help facilitate that change.