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I began training with Anthony over two years ago, with a specific idea in mind about what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to train.  Refusing to let mere pregnancy slow me down I continued training through pregnancy, until the birth of my daughter.  Anthony has structured my training programs which have been flexible and adaptable to fit in with my upturned lifestyle, fitness levels and goals.

Returning to training – and fitting it in with competing calls on my time – has been a challenge for so many reasons.  Anthony has made it easier by providing ideas, solutions, guidance and support throughout this whole period.  He introduces new concepts into my training that I would not have considered.  He checks in regularly with me to see how I am going, and adjusts the program to my feedback.  The training structure changes according to what I can do within time and fitness constraints – but always has an element of progression.  As a result of Anthony’s coaching, I have been able to return to the two sports I love: rowing and running.  I am regaining racing fitness and can still fit in training on my own terms and in my own time.