Hi, I’m Saúl García a Spanish 51 years old  who’s been doing Crossfit since 2016. After the Open18 I noticed my Weightlifting technique is pretty awful and had a lack of mobility. It was hard to squat with and empty barbell and for me a Snatch or any overhead movement were something unthinkable.  

As father of three it was impossible for me to attend Weightlifting classes so tried to find some online classes on the internet. A friend of mine got me in contact with StreTch Rayner. After a few mails he accepted me and started to work from square one. It’s been a year now of workouts, videos, reviews, corrections and hard work. All I can say are good words and praises about StreTch Rayner method, dedication, feedbacks and care he has. His tips, corrections lines in pictures and videos –even hard words when it was needed- helped me to improve as I never thought I’d be able.

As we always say, there is still too much room for improvement, but my weightlifting technique has increased, the PR has raised, I’m able to squat. Now I’m very comfort with a barbell and really love all the weightlifting movements. Even Snatching is starting to seem pretty fun.

It’s been an incredible experience and a very satisfying journey.