We kick off this block with some testing.  Make sure you are hitting the strength tests this week as we will be using these numbers in the new block of training:
1RM Snatch
1RM Power Clean
1RM Back Squat
1RM Weighted Pull-up
1RM Power Jerk
1RM Overhead Squat


Will again have a mix of energy system tests:

  1. CrossFit Open 14.1 (Double Unders and Snatch)

  2. GAIN in the SkiErg (Peak Watt Output)

  3. Anaerobic Power PAIN in a 3min Rowing Test

  4. Anaerobic Lactic Endurance in 6min Burpee intervals

  5. CP BATTERY TEST 8min AMRAP of Power Cleans

  6. KAREN (150wall balls in as little number of sets as possible)

  7. Aerobic Capacity 10min Assault Bike


  1. MAX body weight pull-ups

  2. MAX bodyweight dips

  3. Gymnastics Muscle-Endurance Test (pull-ups, handstand push-ups, toes to bar, hand release push ups)

  4. Core Testing


  1. Squat Mobility Test (10min in bottom of squat)

  2. Grip Test (1-arm hanging)

  3. Shoulder Mobility Assessment

It’s a great mix of testing this week and two full days of recovery. REST and switch off before the real work begins


The Patient Lifter 6 x [2-4] Method - with this training system, we start off with a weight that we can handle comfortably for six sets of just two repetitions.  Depending on your neurological efficiency, that will translate into about 80 to 87% of your 1RM.  The goal is to increase your strength SLOWLY over time so that you can handle that same wight for six sets of 4 repetitions.  

The reason The Patient Lifter's Method works is that the load increases only when the trainee can complete all sets of 4 repetitions with the starting weight of 6 sets of 2 repetitions.  The system works using what is called the law of repeated efforts because the nervous system is forced to accept the loads as being normal.  

Regarding the starting weight, it will be 80 to 87 percent of your 1RM, depending upon your current neurological efficiency. 

Neurological efficiency refers to how efficiently an individual athlete is at recruits their higher-threshold muscle fibres.   Athletes who are neurologically inefficient, as in the case of beginners, will respond better to the 80 percent load because they cannot effectively recruit the higher-threshold muscle fibres to help them lift the weight.

The TSTM Team Steam Patient Lifter, four-week block, will look like:

Week 1: The Patient Lifter aims to comfortably handle six sets of 2-3 reps @80% of 1RM. 

Week 2: The Patient Lifter aims to comfortably handle six sets of 2-4 reps @80% of 1RM. 

Week 3: The Patient Lifter aims to comfortably handle six sets of 2-4 reps @80-85% of 1RM, only increasing the weight if six sets of four were accomplished in week 2.

Week 4: The Patient Lifter aims to comfortably handle six sets of 2-4 reps @80-87% of 1RM, only increasing the weight if six sets of four were accomplished in week 3.

The progress may look like this:
Let's say the trainee can lift 100kg in the Back Squat for quality 1RM

week 1:  3x80, 3x80, 3x80, 3x80, 2x80, 2x80
week 2:  4x80, 4x80, 3x80, 3x80, 3x80, 2x80
week 3:  4x80, 4x80, 4x80, 4x80, 3x80, 3x80
week 4:  4x80, 4x80, 4x80, 4x80, 4x80, 4x80

The intensity of the strength session may stay the same for the four-week block, but the volume should increase along with the overall strength.  The above lifter went from 16reps at 80kg in week 1 to 24reps at 80kg in week 4.  The volume increase over the weeks will lead to an improvement in overall strength and retesting the 1RM should deliver positive results (if lifestyle factors are supporting training).

Stick to the percentages and focus on being PATIENT!!  

Consistency is KEY!  


We have a great mix in this next block with a snatch complex and some bar cycling work in both the snatch and the power clean.  With the CrossFit Open fast approaching we need to start practising our "CrossFit Lifting."

We will be using a floating snatch in the snatch complex to help increase strength in the first pull and the acceleration in the second pull.  

The Clean bar cycling will slowly increase in weight from week to week and also include a mix of box jumps and wall balls between reps to test your Clean technique under slight levels of fatigue.

The Snatch bar cycling will start at a heavier weight and slowly decrease as the weeks continue.  As the weight goes down the volume of reps will increase. 


Some athletes have asked about butterfly pull-ups and learning the technique. We have put together a nice series of drills and exercises to help learn and improve the butterfly pull-up technique. 

We will also be doing loads of shoulder mobility and strengthening in the gymnastics EMOMs this block.  A good mix of Bent Arm Strength (BAS) and Straight Arm Strength (SAS) training.


GAIN, PAIN and SUSTAIN work will continue and the time domains will slowly be increasing to 3-4-5min repeats.  With the CrossFit Open around the corner, we start to expand our aerobic work capacity towards the 7-12min AMRAPS in the months ahead.  Remeber, its now about training through fatigue and teaching the body how to move poorly under fatigue.  We use interval training to improve our quality of movement, challenge the energy systems and build overall fitness.  An athlete that "moves well" is far more energy efficient than an athlete that does not move well.  An efficient athlete will not only survive longer on competitions day but will also be able to sustain many more years of training in the future. 

We hope you enjoy the next block if training and learn some new skills, build new levels of strength, and increase your movement quality with mobility and flexibility drills.