Testing - week one is all about testing and not guessing. We need to know your strength, and we need to know your CrossFit gymnastics ability.  The weights lifted and the number of unbroken repetitions will dictate the volume and intensity of the 4-weeks ahead.


5RM Dead Stop Front Squat
5RM Weighted Pull-up
5RM Weighted Dip
5RM Top Down Deadlift

Olympic Lifting:

1 RM Clean and Jerk
1 RM Hang Snatch

Energy System:

CP Battery 8min Ground to Overhead @90% of 1RM Clean and Jerk
3min Assault Bike MAX Power
Fight Gone Bad
3 x 60sec Row intervals MAX Power
Gymnastics Endurance Test
5K Row Aerobic Test


Sit and Reach Hamstring Flexibility Test
Max unbroken Toes to bar
Max unbroken Push-ups
Max Strict Pull-ups
Max Strict Ring Dips
Max Kipping/Butterfly C2B Pull-ups
Max Strict HSPU
Max Hanging L-Sit
Max Wall Facing Handstand Hold

Strength Development:  

The Functional Strength Method - with this system in the first two weeks we are going to perform four sets of [4-6] tempo repetitions.  In the first two sets, we want to be hitting 6reps.  In the final two sets, we expect to be hitting 4-5reps as the load reaches maximal.  Always use your quality of movement to set the limits of yours. 

In the second two weeks, we are going to perform four sets of [4-6] repetitions with the last two sets reaching concentric failure.  We will be using some clever little variations on the Front Squat and the Deadlift to nurture this concentric failure concept.

Why do we recommend this heavy-duty protocols?  Because it works … at least for the time, it takes you to adapt to it, which is about four weeks.  Consider that our previous block of strength training work prescribed higher volumes of work with higher intensities of load, this block is lower in both total weight and total volume and delivers some serious functional strength gains.

Gymnastics Development:

The is a significant focus on CrossFit gymnastics skills and volume in this block.  With the 2018 CrossFit Open just around the corner, we want you to have a good awareness of you gymnastics ability.  In the testing week, we will find your maximum unbroken repetitions in pull-ups, push-up, C2B, handstand push-ups, and toes-to-bar.  Each week we will aim to build the volume of quality repetitions by completing EMOM @50% of your max volume.

We will continue to build gymnastics bent arm strength with weighted pull-ups and weighted dips.  We are also keen to improve strict handstand push-up strength in this block.

Olympic Lifting Development:

Heavy Clean and Jerks, Power Clean, Heavy Snatch, and Volume Snatch are all part of the mix in this next block.  Who knows what they will throw at us in the Open... best be prepared?

Energy System Development:  

The average length of a CrossFit Open workout is around 11minutes.  We are going to be increasing out anaerobic and aerobic capacity in this block of training.  A solid mix of power and endurance conditioning sessions. The is also some previous Open workouts in this block to start preparing us for the task ahead.

All in all, we are very happy with this block and feel that it is going to deliver some solid results.  

Good luck, and keep up the hard work.