Saul Garcia

“Hi, I’m Saúl García a Spanish 51 years old  who’s been doing Crossfit since 2016. After the Open18 I noticed my Weightlifting technique is pretty awful and had a lack of mobility. It was hard to squat with and empty barbell and for me a Snatch or any overhead movement were something unthinkable. 


Emmanuel Stephens

I owe the new breath of life to my athletic career not only to Coach @Stretch_Rayner but the brilliance, dedication of the I.D Program.

This past year has been the best year of my athletics Sprint career.



Anna Greenwood

During the past four years the daily crippling pain has disappeared, the nerve has healed, balance and strength has returned and increased in ways I never thought possible but more than this, StreTch gave me a renewed focus and sense of achievement, a world of education in gymnastics, strength and HOW to move and lift properly, And do things I never ever ever thought I would or could do.


Helena Kornel

Stretch inspired me to change, to fail so I could succeed and to keep trying. One feature that distinguished the gym from most others was the quality of the programme design, and Stretch was in charge of that. The training phases would follow cycles, focus on different aspects of physical development and show progressions for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes. I made astonishing gains following the classes…


Daniel Frankel

"I have been getting programming from Stretch for about 6 months now. He has proven to be consistently attentive to my needs and goals. His level of knowledge is vast and therefore is ready to support his athletes with training through any obsticle they might encounter. I love the variety of movements and quality control each session has clearly been inspected with to personalise it perfectly."