I started with Helena when I wanted to “lose some weight”. As a fat kid through much of late childhood I wasn’t very confident in the fitness disciplines and this is all I knew to do. I had “lost weight” before and consequently was no stranger to running or the traditional PT session. However, this is worlds apart from what Helena gave me. Helena introduced me to bodyweight training and a truly sustainable fitness lifestyle that included advice on recovery and nutrition.

Under her supervision I have grown in 6 months from one sloppy pull-up to 10 strict controlled ones, from 12 kg goblet squats to 120 kg back squats, I am comfortable on the gymnastic rings and very close to achieving my first strict muscle-up.

Helena didn’t just write me plans. She also spent the time discussing them with me (with many emails, texts and videos) to make sure I knew exactly what I was doing and why. As I am naturally very curious and investigative, I asked endless questions (about everything, not just the programme) and she always took the time to send me in depth, detailed answers. Although she is a fountain of knowledge she is also very honest - a trait I have not seen in other trainers - and is willing to tell you when she’s not the best teacher for something. I see Helena as more than just a trainer now, her advice is essential and I trust her to always point me in the right direction.


Helena is the most passionate and committed teacher I have ever met. Her incredible energy and passion for teaching are outstanding. You can tell that she has been working on her own practice (and still is) and she is eager to transfer her incredible knowledge to her students.

Seeing her also teaching to other people, I can tell that she is able to give progressions to everyone at any level, without making you feel that you are working any less. I have never said that of any other fitness activity I have ever done, but I am really looking forward to each session with her. In fact, even if I know that it is going to be hard, she will make sure that I progress and I learn something new so that I finish the lesson with a sense of accomplishment. Also, she gets more excited than I do when she sees improvements on certain skills and I love that, because it shows genuine care for you. Last, but not least, I particularly like her focus, attention to form so that you don't get injured, and discipline as a teacher.